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Agriculture & Food Processing Board

IITDO has its own Agriculture & Food Processing Board to identify and provides representation at the national & the international level on issues which have an agricultural & food (agro-food) perspective. It seeks to influence key decision-makers to ensure that legislation is created and implemented in a manner that is beneficial to the agricultural, farmers welfare, food processors etc.

It promotes and helps to educate our community about agriculture. Every year the Board organizes several interactive programs, a showcase of the impact agriculture has on the economy. The board also hosts speakers to help & educate our community on different agriculture-related topics.

We partner with local public, private and civil organizations to share knowledge to improve agricultural practices, livelihoods, health, and nutrition. The Board also facilitates the agriculture sector to generate better momentum in the next few years due to an increase in investments in agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, agro machinery, warehousing, and cold storage, etc.

The Board has been strenuously working on agriculture policies. Over the years, considerable efforts have been put into devising policies & suggestions that would increase farm income, productivity and global competitiveness of Indian Agriculture. IITDO has played a pivotal role in defining the Agri-policy framework of the nation.

The IITDO established Board to provide a forum for open discussion on the issues facing the food business sectors in India, in particular the shared issues facing the country space. IITDO has large forum in the food sector for facilitating growth and development in the country.

The objectives of Agricultural & Food Processing Board are:-

  • Identify major bottlenecks that hinder the growth of Indian agriculture.
  • Address the government policies relating to production, procurement, pricing and distribution, rising Minimum Support Prices, ineffective subsidy system, regulated domestic markets, lack of infrastructure facilities, low productivity, low value addition, ad hoc export policies and suggest suitable measures.
  • Define measures to attain a higher trajectory growth in agriculture in order to compete in the global market.
  • Help members to sustain and grow food business trade within country and overseas.
  • To support members find ways to work together beyond border to grow food business space outside of the country.
  • To help promote training, research, science and innovation in the food business for the benefit of the members & farmers.
  • Risk management and communication in the food sector.
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary obstacles to trade.
  • Discriminatory taxation in the agro-food sector.
  • Sustainable international trade of food related products.
  • Regulatory & Legal Affairs – Need to change the approach to food laws and regulatory structure.
  • Trade Facilitation – Focusing on promoting Indian Food business locally and globally through various trade facilitation measures.
  • To provide best platform for the overseas business to market their food products in the country.
  • Capacity Building- Recognizing the need to enhance industry knowledge on international and domestic regulation and quality standards.

IITDO partner with the farmers to help them in exporting their agriculture products at world level and getting revenue to increase their standard of living. 

The Board also takes initiative to focus on those businesses that have to do with agriculture & food, both in increasing their customer base and improving their sustainability. We do that through education on how to improve things in their operation so that they can reach more people, through networking and helping each other. We want to draw more agri businesses into the organization, but also give them a sense that they matter. It gives them a voice. 

IITDO has also been facilitating its members to participate in exhibition/seminars to showcase their products and represent globally.

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