Arbitration Facilitation

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Arbitration Facilitation

Commercial disputes are common place worldwide. Be it unpaid invoices, product quality problems or outright fraud. Anyone doing business must stay alert in case of potential financial losses due to such hazards. However, badly managed disputes can destroy precious business relationships, take up valuable management resources and cost a great deal of money. Avoiding a lengthy and expensive litigation is often in the best interest of all parties. This is especially true, when the amounts of money involved are not very high and court action would cost more than the claim.

IITDO providing arbitration services for the resolution of disputes between parties through arbitration, mediation, conciliation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our vision to be the provider of choice for “Out-of-Court” dispute resolution services based on the highest standards of integrity, trust and service excellence.

Mission of Arbitration service:-

  • To deliver creative, out-of-court dispute resolution approaches in an independent, ethical, timely, confidential and cost effective manner.
  • To provide a trusted cadre of dedicated and experienced mediators, arbitrators and other neutral professionals, facilitators and support resources, committed to delivering high quality innovative approaches to mediation, arbitration and other modes of dispute resolution, complemented by advanced training and outreach programs.

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