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Entrepreneurs & Startups

The country is home to a rich and vibrant community of innovators. As part of an ongoing strategy to foster this growing culture of entrepreneurship, the IITDO offers these resources as a starting place for you to begin building your new business. Starting your own business is an exciting and challenging journey. IITDO supports entrepreneurs, no matter if you still look make your dream become a reality or search for ways to grow your small business. And don’t forget to check out the IITDO’s events calendar listing of networking and educational events for entrepreneurs as well as small business owners.

IITDO Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs:

Women are increasingly making their presence felt in business activities. The IITDO has established a separate service where women entrepreneurs get an opportunity to meet and discuss matters of relevance. The IITDO functions as the secretariat for these activities and coordinates with the relevant governmental agencies and departments to facilitate their business activities.
The main objective is to develop and encourage the women entrepreneurs in the country. The IITDO performs the following function.

  • Resolve the problems women face while operating their business such as getting loans from the banks, developing contacts with various government departments. It educates the women entrepreneurs about the techniques and strategies of national and international marketing and aimed at increasing involvement of women entrepreneurs in national economic activities.
  • Organizes business orientation programs, workshops and lectures for the guidance of old and new women entrepreneurs and enhancing quality consciousness. It also holds business awareness seminars like how to start new business and how to export their products in other countries.
  • Organizes platforms to showcase the products & services manufactured by women entrepreneurs. These platforms acts as a source of great encouragement for women entrepreneurs and also provide a networking for introduction and promotion of their products & services.
  • Co-ordinates and facilitates trade delegations of women  entrepreneurs visiting abroad.

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