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Metals And Minerals Board

Board’s overarching objective is enhancing capacities to achieve sustainable development objectives through good governance in the metals & minerals sectors. It is devoted to optimizing the benefits of metals & minerals to achieve infrastructure, inclusive growth, create employments, social development and environmental stewardship.

A key role of the Board is to facilitate interaction among Metals & Minerals Company to examine policy issues and other matters of mutual concern to crystallize and define desirable industry standpoints. A variety of initiatives are in place to promote collaboration between members, government, overseas mining company & investors.

The Board team provides input on matters affecting investment in the country’s mining industry and issues facing the mining industry which have an economic impact. Its function includes collating and analyzing data and information on behalf of the industry, and advising industry on responses and positioning in respect of critical issues.
The Board is charged with ensuring environmental issues are addressed in a manner that enhances members’ contribution to sustainable development and ensures that risks to the viability of the mining industry are identified and managed.

The Board initiatives:-

  • Arranges conferences where government representatives can exchange ideas, explore best practices and engage with industry and civil organization.
  • In-country assessments.
  • Guidance business assessments.
  • Capacity building training on metals & minerals and sustainable development issues.
  • Individualized technical assistance to developing training or guidance on particular topics.
  • To improve the professional image and standing of IITDO member companies within the Metals and Minerals Inspection and Testing Industry with clients and official bodies.
  • To provide a single point of contact between companies within the industry and with external bodies (clients, government agencies, standards organizations etc.) in order to project the collective views and experience of the industry.
  • To develop and promote technical standards within the industry that are driven by a clear industry need and which fall outside the current scope of ISO / ASTM projects.
  • To provide an open forum for members to discuss and resolve important inspection and testing issues.
  • To attract new member companies into IITDO membership and to the Metals and Minerals Board.

IITDO serves as a unique global venue for dialogue in the country and overseas, metals & minerals companies, industry associations and civil organization.

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