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Health & Wellness Board

Health & Wellness Board engaged with government & non-government organization to help & educate health procedures and protocols in the country. Building health & safety including women, children & family through mentally alert awareness on water they drink, the food they eat, the medicines & vaccinations they use and how to control pollution etc. The Board with its partners who can provide assistance with any kind of health issues through regular and various health programs. Wellness is not only a goal for children and families involved with child welfare, but also for professionals and the organizations in which they work. Strives to build better and safer life standard in the country. Sustainable environment is important for everyone, people, animals and other living things.

Goals of the Health & Wellness

  • To promoting, and improve the wellbeing of mother, children and their families through education and awareness programs.
  • To coordinate the implementation of health education programmes aimed addressing health and wellness issues of the community.
  • To conduct sensitization and awareness campaigns for community on various health and wellness matters.
  • Promote Our Hon’ble Prime Minister initiative “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”.


The Health and Welfare Board seeks to promote holistic wellness (physical, mental, spiritual, economic, political, and social) for individuals and communities by equipping united methodists in the prevention, treatment, and advocacy of health kits, hospital revitalization programs, and safety measures.

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