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Legal & IPR Board

The Board is actively involved in discussion and debate around various issues related to legal, business law, governance and competition law, patent law, intellectual properties law and has undertaken several initiatives in this area along with the IITDO members.

The Legal & IPR Board advocates for a business competitiveness framework within our legal system. We examine prominent issues that have limited, and continue to limit fair and equal administration of the law, negatively impacting Indians and our economy. Our goal is to raise awareness about frivolous legal proceedings and put forward recommendations that positively reform regulatory bodies, legislatures and the courts in order to strengthen country’s overall competitiveness.

The Boards involvements:-

  • Promotion of our Judiciary as country’s Global Legal Redressal Center.
  • Providing advice to government & its Institution on the drafting of legislation and regulation that promotes a competitive business environment in India.
  • Keep members informed on business and corporate laws regulations.
  • To arrange a platform where members of law firm and lawyer can meet, share ideas, network, and develop ideas in the legal field to proactively promote the development of opportunities within the country and with overseas.
  • Protection of intellectual properties, business, and related concern. The IITDO also suggests policy/regulatory changes to address these issues and acts as a bridge between the policymaker/regulator and industry participants for development of business in India 

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