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Defence & Security Board

The task of the Board is to deal with matters concerning conscription, the defence, security, legislation concerning exceptional circumstances as well as those aspects of peacekeeping operations. The Board examines ongoing operations, partnerships, and programs to find how IITDO can continually improve its effectiveness as an alliance.

The Board’s overall objectives:-

  • Protect against instability and intra and inter nation conflict and aggression.
  • Develop a collective security capacity
  • Develop a national & international peacekeeping capacity
  • Prevent, contain and resolve inter-and intra-nation conflict by peaceful means
  • Consider enforcement action in accordance with international law and as a matter of last resort where peaceful means have failed
  • Promote co-operation & common political value systems & institutions to deal with cross border peace.
  • Develop common foreign policy approaches on issues of mutual concern
  • Encourage & monitor international arms control/disarmament conventions & treaties
  • Co-ordinate participation in peace operations
  • Address extra national conflicts which impact on the nation


The Board also represents the interests of businesses in both the defence and security sectors.  Through regular committee meetings and numerous defence and security-focused events; the defence and security group attracts senior and influential businesses from these sectors.

The Board promotes and supports the people and missions of Indian military by working with the local military installations, the aerospace and defense industries, and other business representatives. The Board gathers companies that are both producers and users in the field of security and defence. It contributes to the defence and works to promote cooperation on research, interoperability and common technical standards across national and international as well as the adoption of the best available technologies, irrespective of their origins. It also establishes links in these areas between IITDO member companies and relevant Indian policy-makers.

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