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Education & HRD Board

The Board has been and will remain engaged in education policy. Education make today’s students are tomorrow’s human resources of the nation. IITDO recognizes education as a pillar that supports a healthy and thriving economy of the country.

The Educational & HRD Board facilitates networking, communication and planning among educational institutions and human resources to develop more talent in our country. Board members include business, nonprofit, and educational institutions which advocate for human resource readiness initiatives that benefit students from all backgrounds. Board meetings offer a forum for supportive engagement between businesses and education service providers to align educational and economic development objectives focused on cross-sector collaboration for improved outcomes.

The Board developing opportunity to youngsters to learn how to be more moralize, effective, successful, entrepreneurs and business people. The Board offers a unique combination of networking, learning, skills building and giving back to the community. The IITDO can advise you on your training, skills building needs and point you in the right direction for workshops and seminars.

The Board involvements:-

  • Facilitate communications between community and educational leaders in order to raise education attainments, encourage youngster’s preparedness, and elevate the quality of life in the country’s community.
  • Responsible to implements skills development programs to raise the ability and create better human resources.
  • Improve knowledge and skills to develop business and employment.
  • Regular arrangement of motivational workshops & seminars for youngster to make their morale and goals stronger.
  • Provide leadership training programs through partnership with colleges/universities and other professional leadership trainers to develop individual skills, abilities make a better country with better human resources.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with training provider across the county in a range of different sectors and industries. This allows us to deliver up to date and relevant skills workshops & programs that improving the skills of youngster is crucial to securing a stronger economy for country.

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