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IT & Infrastructure Board

The IT Board is responsible for leading the implementation of information technology to further establish and promote IT education, workforce development, IT research and development, and collaborations among government, business, and academic entities.  The Board also works to improve the IT industry by working to find investment from the state, government, and FDI from overseas businesses.

The purpose behind the IT Board is to positively increase the opportunities available for IT firms. This could be accomplished through recognizing and acknowledging the disparities, bringing awareness to the issues, and developing partnerships with national & international IT firms, state government agencies, and supporting organizations to strategically identify the areas of opportunities and implement changes for improvement.

On the other hand Board also says that country’s businesses depend on sound transportation & infrastructure in order to move products and materials. A strong infrastructure network is vital to our economic competitiveness and should remain a top priority for the business community. 

The Transportation & Infrastructure Board analyzes issues and advocates for its policies and projects government institutions that make efficient use of resources on transportation & infrastructure. The Board is comprised of IITDO members working in the manufacturing, Robust IT connectivity and digitalization, public transit, rail, trucking, conferences, offices, smart cities, Sustainable environment, Safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly. Health, education and other industries that rely on transportation & infrastructure.

The IT Board motives:-

  • To provide Information Technology well-organized, robust, and strong IT community to offer dedicated and quality support to India’s long-term IT development by working on a common set of topics related to IT businesses operating in India.
  • To contribute to the improvement of IT education in order to improve the skills of employees and graduates.
  • To create a knowledge-based community, which researches and shares its knowledge and experience together.
  • To cooperate and provide information to IT-related companies.
  • To consider and report on matters of its concern in the fields of transportation and infrastructure.
  • To recommend action for the adoption of IITDO policy.
  • To initiate the preparation of policy reviews, analyses, and reports on transportation and infrastructure policy issues.
  • To ensure the transportation system and infrastructure supports quality economic growth and an improved community that is supportive of business, while maintaining progressive growth in economy.

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