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Financial & Taxation Board

The Financial & Taxation Board of the IITDO is to bring together the members involved in the financial services industry with the goal of becoming the premier forum for members of the financial services in the country including the corporate houses, asset management, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, hedge fund, wholesale and retail banking, wealth management, and insurance industries. This will be mainly achieved by way of leadership events allowing members to connect, keep on top of the latest developments and share ideas.

The Board with expertise in finance-related fields uses their collective knowledge to develop policy on finance and taxation issues that are brought forward by other members. This volunteer committee considers issues related to tax policies and statutes, budget and fiscal policies, and positions and programs that affect businesses in the country.

IITDO’s Board is the voice of micro, small, medium, and multinational companies in the country on issues relating to taxation and financial regulation and is actively engaged in cooperation with government, public organizations, and industries.

The Goals of the Board:-

  • Keep members informed on current and new taxation regulations.
  • Pro-actively advocating tax law, regulation and policies that benefits country’s based businesses.
  • Provide timely and reliable tax information and services to IITDO members.
  • Proving a forum for members to effectively share tax knowledge, experience and to actively participate in developing pro business finance and tax initiatives.
  • Forming alliances with other business association to support pro business finance & tax initiatives.
  • Guiding the members in adopting finance & tax policy, positions that encourage sound
    economic growth and business investment in our country.


IITDO’s Financial & Taxation sectors aims to facilitate a comprehensive forum for dialogue between India Inc. and policy makers thereby aiming to provide necessary directions to all stake holders and business processes.

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