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As a leading organization, we actively engaged our business community to be the driving force for progress. We collaborate nationally and internationally to develop a most prosperous business community for world peace. IITDO support the overseas business community to finding a reliable counterpart in India for their business interest. A platform where local government, private citizens, and businesses are working together to provide innovative solutions for the challenges facing the country as it grows. Organizations initiate every opportunity to share resources, information, and network to ensure the quality of life continues. IITDO works together as an integrated team, accountable for our actions and objectives and focused on creating organizational excellence and celebrating successes with our partners.

IITDO mission is to leads business community towards economic growth, advocates pro- business climates, provide vital programs and services, establishes and executes healthy, vibrant business community vision. By working together and focusing on initiatives that support growth, members use services of the IITDO as an important catalyst for their business success. Let’s come together to foster and a thriving business community and a prosperous country through visionary leadership and collaboration.


We commit to creating a collaborative environment where everyone is important and has value to add.


We commit to take personal responsibility for what we do and what we say we are going to do.


 We encourage and support our members & personal and professional growth through shared resources and educational opportunities.


We value the diversity of our business and nonprofit community and encourage participation, inclusion, and collaboration.


 We connect people, communities, resources, and commerce.


We commit that all of our actions, big or small, will be conducted in an honest and ethical manner.


We commit to always seek to be the best that we can be.


Make a better world with humanity and mankind.


We commit to consistently exploring new ways to add value to our stakeholders. We are future-focused, creative, and responsive to emerging trends and changing member needs.

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