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Sports & Youth Affairs

Youth are the pillar of strength of any nation. To facilitate the welfare and all round development of the youth, Youth & sports has been given a big thrust by the government of the country. The mission of the IITDO to lead the sports arena by creating high quality infrastructure, promoting a sports culture and harnessing talent at the grass root level with partner (government & non-government organization).

Its objective is to provide one platform to educated and talented youths to promote, education, sports, welfare programs, educational seminars, sports activities, internships, skills & development programs etc. to encourage children of all schools, youths & youngsters to develop their competitive skills.

Yuva Shakthi has as its slogan – “Arise, Awake, Achieve” that signifies the objectives of the Organization more profoundly:

  • To arouse the potential personality in the youth
  • To awaken their social conscience and
  • To strive to achieve a Better India through Better Youth


The immense resources of youth, if galvanized, can work as a major force of socio-economic change. It is therefore needed to create increasing opportunities for them to develop their personality and their functional capacity and thus make them economically productive and socially responsible.

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